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Welcome back to what should be the other half of the double update I meant to do, but then Dreamwidth just died for most of yesterday so I couldn't.

In this chapter, the kids smustle their way through college and we find our who the generation 2 heir is.

Read past chapters:
1.1 :: 1.2 :: 1.4 :: 1.5

Lets moooove on to the fun! )
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LONG time no write for the Redds!! As such, I got so far ahead, gen 3 are teens. Oops. And unfortunately, it seems some of gen 2's pics got deleted when I did a purge of my printscreen files in an effort to keep it under control. So these next two updates will be very small, but I hope it fills a gap!

"That's not good enough!!! I demand you write a full update NOW! How can you delete pictures of your favourite family "accidentally??" Grr, that makes me so mad I'm going to throw this at you!"

At the risk of my rather mean Eloise actually doing that, we'd better get started!!

Quick, I can see her aiming to fire! )
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Welcome back to Party On My Lawn, my TS3 legacy set in the rolling countryside of Appaloosa Plains.

As the summer turns into Autumn, so begins the next chapter! Click to read. )
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Welcome to my second ever Sims 3 legacy! It's set in the rolling countryside of Appaloosa Plains and concerns a young woman by the name of Olivia Bailey.

Without any further ado, lets go! Click to read more! )
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Welcome back to my attempt at The Trailer Park Challenge! Yet again, thanks to the original challenge creator. It's been fun! I couldn't have started it in a better neighbourhood. (and the Jacksons are right opposite the Manns which is kind of funny)


Weddings, a bad influence and a baby! )
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Here is the last of the 3 updates from my old Dreamwidth blog! In this thrilling update, the family gains a set of twins, the house gets a makeover and my writing doesn't really get better LOL

As ever, thanks for reading!
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Moooooore? You got it! In this update, we plan a wedding, laugh at Jason's lack of cooking skills and meet our first baby of generation 2!

Thanks for reading!
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So, guess what I found on another blog of mine that I totally forgot I even made? My legacy family, the Redds! I might as well move the updates onto here so you guys can read them. And I've got to do another update of these guys!!

Without any further ado, I present the compact legacy, named because of a weird self imposed challenge I was doing at first where I tried to pack them onto a 2x2 lot. Guess how long that lasted once I had a family Sim marry in? LOL

I hope you enjoy this!
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I thought it was time to finally attempt to do the Trailer Park challenge, so here we go! Thank you to the creator of this challenge, it’s been....interesting so far.

Zombies, meanies and rebound relationships! )
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I've always loved building in this game, so why not kick this blog off with sharing some of my favourite builds from TS2? (including dusting off some pics from the very early days of my Tumblr!)

Click for so many houses, you think you'll be watching HGTV! )
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Welcome to my new Dreamwidth journal! If you're here from my Tumblr, some of my longer posts will be moved over here, but the shorter ones will probably stay there, cause I'm lazy :P

Aaah I missed having a proper journal to do Sims stuff in!!


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