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Hello there and welcome to my first attempt at the Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge! I've always wanted to try this one so can't wait to get going!

We join our founder, Kylie Turner in a small house in the quiet town of Pleasantview...hey, where are you going?

Ahem! WE JOIN OUR FOUNDER, KYLIE... That means, switch off your tv and play along!

"Alright, alright!"

Thank you.

Kylie enjoyed living in Pleasantview, but her neighbours were a bit weird. Ivy here especially seems to really disapprove of the bin not getting a proper university education.

"Uh..hi, I'm Kylie."
"Hello, I'm Ivy."

Ivy: "Did you know your bin is completely uneducated? For shame, for shame. Couldn't even identify a famous statue."

Kylie: "I'm sorry about that?"

Kylie: "So what's there to do around here, then? Any nice, parks, museums?"

Ivy: "Well, there's night classes. I mean, it's never too late to learn."

Kylie: "What? Are you really still going on about that?"
Ivy: "I know, it's hilarious, isn't it?"
Kylie: "Seriously, what are you even talking about?"

Kylie: "So back in my old neighbourhood I ran this really great book club. I don't mean to brag, but we always had a waiting list for people to join. Does Pleasantview have anything like that?"

Ivy: "No, and I don't care, either! You're just trying to change the subject! Your bin.."

Kylie: "I don't know what your problem is, or why you have this strange obsession with my rubbish bin and its education.."

Ivy: "Or lack of."

Kylie: "Just get the hell off my lot you crazy bitch."

Not long after Ivy left, still grumbling, the welcome wagon arrived. Kylie...decided to sniff the flowers??

The first person she greeted was Gage Uglacy. I'm glad I don't have a TS2 version of my simself!!

Gage: "Nice rack. I'll take those to go."

Kylie: "Ugh he smells like desperation and bad cologne."

Next she met Dina, who was very impressed by finding another redhead.

Dina: "So is it natural, or hair dye?"

Kylie: "Hair dye? No way, too many chemicals. I'm allergic."

Lastly, Kylie meets...hold on, what's that noise?

Dina: "Touch me again there and you're dead meat, I'm warning you!"

Unfortunately, as happens when one Sim takes an instant dislike to another, one thing led to another and a full fledged fight broke out. Amazingly, Gage won.

Dina was not amused.

Kylie: "Okay that's quite enough, this show is over. Goodbye, Dina."

This was all getting ridiculous, and Kylie wanted to go hunting for somebody to marry. Gets straight to the point, this one!

She met Craig here at the shops and instantly knew he was the one. 2 bolts!!

Kylie wasted no time in wooing Craig, who fell for her with ease.

The two even went on a "date" which mostly involved staying on the same lot making out in the rain, but that didn't stop them having a good time all the same.

Not long after, Craig was invited over to take things even further.

Kylie got on one knee and proposed and Craig readily accepted.

Things moving along so quickly means we'll get gen 2 along faster!

The wedding was a beautiful legacy style living room ceremony. Kylie really didn't want to invite anyone she had already met to a wedding party particularly.

Things were going very nicely, including both Sims careers. I made the mistake of thinking the base game handicap meant the first generation had to go all that way without a promotion but thankfully I have until the end of the challenge to do that. Good thing too as they really need the money!!

This means both of them spent a lot of time digging for treasure. (and disrupting the local water mains)

Kylie! Why did you do that?!

"I hate flamingos."

Well, you'll have to see a lot of them so get used to it!

Or maybe it was just hormones, because Kylie is pregnant!

Kylie's pregnancy was pretty unremarkable. She puked a lot, rested a lot. Watched TV pretty much all the time.

It's a girl!

Wait a minute, that's not all...it's a boy!

So here's all our flamingos so far! I'm a bit worried about running out of space before long because there's not a lot of front garden.

Nor will there be a lot of pipes left if these two have anything to do with it! They haven't even found me a treasure chest yet.

Here's our two cuties in their new loft! Barry in the cot nearest to the wall, then Tilly in the other one.

Meanwhile...erm, no comment. If she wants to study naked, whatever floats her boat I guess.

Kylie also has a want to become a werewolf so she's got to try and make friends with the local leader of the pack.

Aaand down goes another flamingo. Okay you two, who was it?

Wolf: "Not me. Try the big, flamingo hating woman standing next to me."

Tut tut Kylie. You're the one who's going to have to pick it up later this morning.

If Kylie hates flamingos, Craig hates parenting. He grumbled all the way through changing the twins nappies.

Kylie is doing very well in the Journalism career! When she reaches the top, she'll achieve her LTW.

Argh, what a mess! Kylie! Kylie to the bathroom with a spanner tomorrow at noon, please!

Soon enough it was time for the twins birthdays, and as I don't have any CC on this computer their toddler outfits are going to be..interesting.

Little Tilly was first, and what even is that suit.

Then it was Barry's turn..much better! The twins are pretty cute.

And here I leave you! Next time the pictures will be a lot better with less plumbbobs and sky and much much better outfits.

Thanks for reading!

Date: 2019-02-05 04:39 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pebblerocker
Wow, fights breaking out among the Welcome Wagon, that's something I haven't had before! Loved the cashier standing at his till looking bored while the couple made out next to him. And, ah, well chosen, Kylie, picking a man with such... vivid... taste in trousers!

I look forward to more of this story <3

Date: 2019-02-13 09:17 pm (UTC)
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