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I thought it was time to finally attempt to do the Trailer Park challenge, so here we go! Thank you to the creator of this challenge, it’s been....interesting so far.

So, meet Nevaeh!

She’s an interesting lady. Half zombie, super mean and a bottle juggling fiend.

Here’s her stats. She wants to be a professional party guest…hahahahaha! She has a pleasure aspiration, very outgoing and playful, VERY mean.. this is going to be fun!

This is an example of how Nevaeh thinks you make friends in the neighbourhood. And unfortunately, poor Alice was the first to meet her.

“Oh yes, I can imagine myself in a long flowy gown…elegant, graceful….Sod off!”

With her rather brash approach to talking to people, Nevaeh didn’t win too many friends to begin with.

However, she did have her eyes set on one prize, a certain Rhett Hart.

She asked him out on a date, he readily accepted.

Sometimes I wondered who was the romance sim and who was the pleasure!

Unfortunately, what she wanted most she couldn’t have. Rhett was already happily married to Penny. No way around it, just have to forget about it. Two attraction bolts though…it was breaking my heart and part of me wishes I hadn’t let her get so smitten.

So it was time to move on and head out to the community lots in search of someone new. For Nevaeh of course, this meant pissing off her neighbours, but we won’t hold it against her.

It doesn’t help that Widespot this time of night is mostly inhabited by college students. RUDE, asking for the pool ladder to be removed, college students.

“Enough with these damn kids! I’m looking for a husband, not a toga party!”

Rejected, Nevaeh returned to her trailer and found Shea here as he wandered by in the early evening. Sure, his kisses couldn’t top Rhett’s, but she found herself feeling a flutter in her stomach all the same.

She asked him out on a date. He happily accepted.

With one lightning bolt, Shea and Nevaeh’s date blossomed into love and a huge relief for the both of us! Phew. I was getting worried that she wouldn’t find somebody in time for….well..you’ll see.

Shea moved into the trailer and proposed marriage, Nevaeh was thrilled! He bought in 6,000 Simoleans so as per the rules, a new truck was in order.

And here I leave you! Thanks for reading. More will be coming soon, and now I'm here I can make each update even longer! (providing of course RL doesn't get in the way again)

Date: 2018-12-04 10:34 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] pixeldreamz
Nevaeh seems like such a fun sim to play with, albeit probably a little frustrating with her mean streak!

I haven't heard of the Trailer Park Challenge - but I can't play this sims 2 so, that may be why. From what I read, it seems interesting!

I have a sneaky suspicion Navaeh is expecting a child from her affair with Rhett...

Looking forward to seeing how the story continues!

Date: 2018-12-05 12:02 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] nerianasims
Widespot is perfect for this challenge.


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