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Welcome back to Party On My Lawn, my TS3 legacy set in the rolling countryside of Appaloosa Plains.

Last time, we met Olivia, went to the summer festival a LOT, and met Booker. We also met a bit of trouble, in the form of a lady named Cleo.

You also might notice poor Olivia has a bit of a sunburn from enjoying the summer a bit TOO much. Never mind.

Olivia was so excited to take a trip to the bookstore to learn some new recipes! She got 2 or 3 to learn for now.

She also visited the library where she just happened to bump into Honey, again. Olivia is secretly her new best friend but she doesn't know it yet.

"Hi, you remember me, right? Olivia from the swimming pool, and the park?"
"Oh god, not this woman again... I mean, hi!"

For some reason people keep leaving random babies on community lots- stinky, screaming babies. I prefer the random horses!

And this, this is what you get when you annoy me and keep laughing at my Sims. Er, that's not against the rules, right? -shifty eyes-

Olivia learnt 2 new recipes! She only seems to have enough food to cook the same 4 dishes though?

After a hard afternoon of learning new things, Olivia is off to Booker's house again for a evening party.

"Hi, babe!"
"Hey there, honey. How's it going?"
"Wow. I've never been called honey before. Feels good."
"Get used to it, babe." Booker smiled, pulling Olivia closer for a kiss.

"By the way, don't worry about Cleo. I had a word with her. She won't bother us anymore."
"Are you sure?" Olivia frowned. "She won't try and ruin the party again, will she?"
"It's okay Olivia. I told you. It'll be fine. I slipped Ex-Lax into her cocktail. By the time she gets out of the bathroom, the party will be over."
Olivia laughed. "That's an...interesting solution. Alright. As long as you're sure."

Indeed, Cleo spent most of the party sitting on the toilet, cursing Booker's name and the extraordinarily good margarita he served.

With that problem taken care of, they could get down to some real party business.

Olivia was really feeling good after that, and nothing could have taken her down.

She was feeling so good, she decided to take the next step in their relationship and go steady with Booker.

They were both on top of the world, lost in each other and paying no mind to the party raging on around them.

Now it was time to take another big step- inviting Booker over to Olivia's place for the first time. Her heart raced as she dialled his number- what if he took one look at her "house" and decided to break the relationship off? It was hardly the posh party pad of the Singletons. She shook her head to get rid of the silly worry and pressed the call button.

Luckily for her, Booker, like Olivia, had the Loves The Outdoor trait, and he didn't seem to mind the unpainted walls and furniture on the lawn at all. He loved how rustic it was.

The two went to visit a small beach not far from Olivia's house, and for a while they gazed, amazed at how beautiful the view was across the lake. Booker had lived there for a good few years and didn't even know it was there, nestled in the bottom of Appaloosa Plains.

But the two had other things on their mind, and Olivia especially was filled with anxiety and excitement for what was to come.

Taking a deep breath, Olivia kneeled down on the damp wood pier and pulled out a ring box from her shorts pocket. "Booker Singleton," she breathed, hardly believing she was actually doing this, "Will you marry me?"
Booker, of course, was overjoyed. He exclaimed in happiness, and blinking back tears of emotion, cried out yes.

The world could have stopped around the happy couple as they embraced and Booker admired the ring.

Though Booker couldn't move in just yet, they continued celebrating their engagement back at Olivia's.

And a stray few notes of a lullaby may or may not signal that generation 2 is just around the corner...

As the days passed, the autumn set in, and so did the rainy reason. Hanging out at home is no fun if you can't get away from the rain, so I sent Olivia off to see a movie.

I also treated her to a meal out rather then the same old mac and cheese at home!

As Olivia progressed in her career, she was eventually able to afford to build a enclosed bedroom so she no longer had to deal with sleeping outside in the rain.

And just in time too, as Olivia was pregnant!

The thought filled her with so much glee, she went outside as soon as she woke up to splash in the puddles. Bare foot. In her PJs. Reminds me of another legacy founder I know...

Finally one crisp morning, the rains finally stopped, and today was going to be a big day.

Olivia gently stroked her stomach and smiled as she prepared to ring Booker. Under her breath, she sang a snatch of a song she had seen on TV. "Like reflections of your mind, my love, my life..." She made a mental note to see Whata Mia III in the cinema soon.

So it was time to pick up the phone again and ring Booker to come over, and this time for good.

They went back to the beach where they got engaged and walked down to the shore. They stopped, and looked at each other.
"This is it." Olivia grinned.
"Yup." Booker replied. "I couldn't think of a more perfect place."
"Yeah, I know." Olivia looked around. "Beats just getting married on my lawn."
They both laughed.

The wedding was simple, and neither Booker or Olivia would have had it any other way. It was just them, the beach stretching along and the air bringing a crisp breeze.

Booker moved in with 7,500 Simoleans which was enough to make a tiny little house for the happy couple to live in for now.

"Wait a minute, what about me????"

Oh yeah, Booker also brought Glint the horse with him.

And as it's his horse, and with Olivia soon preoccupied with the new baby the care fell to Booker, not that it was a problem of course.

Olivia spent her days resting before the new arrival and decorating the new nursery.

"Almost time!" Olivia grinned. "Are you excited?"
Booker smiled and took Olivia's hands in his. "I couldn't be more so, my dear."

They didn't have long to wait at all, because later that afternoon Olivia went into labour.

It was straight to hospital for Olivia, closely followed by Booker, and a nervous wait for both of us!

Finally, the wait was over, and Olivia was welcoming baby Noah to the world! He has the Friendly and Loner traits.

Olivia was overjoyed with love and happiness for the new baby, and so was I to welcome generation 2 of the legacy!

With the sweet nooboo resting in his cot, we end chapter 2 here.

Thank you so much for reading, and Ill see you soon!


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