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LONG time no write for the Redds!! As such, I got so far ahead, gen 3 are teens. Oops. And unfortunately, it seems some of gen 2's pics got deleted when I did a purge of my printscreen files in an effort to keep it under control. So these next two updates will be very small, but I hope it fills a gap!

"That's not good enough!!! I demand you write a full update NOW! How can you delete pictures of your favourite family "accidentally??" Grr, that makes me so mad I'm going to throw this at you!"

At the risk of my rather mean Eloise actually doing that, we'd better get started!!

"Could it be true? ARE THE REDDS BACK????? YAAAAAY!!"

Although I don't have a lot of pics of the gen 2 kids doing their thing, rest assured they were good kids. They studied hard in school, behaved and ate all their vegetables.

And they were also adorable!

Callum and Eloise were inseparable for most of their childhood. As soon as they woke up in the morning, Callum would run to Eloise's room and they'd play before they went to school.

They weren't just siblings, they were best friends. Jupe often preferred his own company which was just fine for these two.

What Jupe did mind though, was the twins gossiping about him in their own secret twin language, which they often did. Although he was always their big brother, sometimes he felt a little left out.

But soon, their birthdays came too.

Callum rolled the Fortune aspiration, whilst Eloise, like Jupe rolled Romance.

Unfortunately, there's only room for one Romance Sim in the house!! It caused no end of tension, as well as exasperation from their parents as the two progressed through their teen years.

"Everybody knows I'm the best and the prettiest Sim, though. Totally going to be named heir."

Steady on there Eloise, it's too early yet to know that.

Time passed, and it was time for the kids to head to college. I have no idea why Jupe is mad in the background there.

"Goodbye, son. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, and stay away from the llama mascots. They may promise a good time when you call their number, but they give you nothing but a...ra"

"JASON!" Emma snapped.

"Uh, good time. That's what I was going to say." Jason finished.

Emma gave her worst look and cleared her throat at the sheepish Jason, who looked away and grinned to himself. The others laughed.

So it was away to college the three generation 2 kids go, and with that, the chapter is finished!

"I wish they were all babies again. I miss them already."

So do I Jason, so do I.

Thanks for reading, and apologies for the HUGE gap in updates. I promise I'll update much faster in future!! See you soon!


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