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Welcome back to what should be the other half of the double update I meant to do, but then Dreamwidth just died for most of yesterday so I couldn't.

In this chapter, the kids smustle their way through college and we find our who the generation 2 heir is.

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When I said the kids smustled through college, I meant it. When they weren't studying it seemed like it was all they ever did.

They moved into a modest dorm in Académie Le Tour and proceeded to practically take over the entire dorm.

Of course before they could do that, they had to get down to doing their important assignments and skilling first. Eloise looks like she doesn't want Jupe copying her answers!

Then they smustled...

And watched the all important college football games on tv...

And smustled...

And despite all the partying, managed to get amazing grades...

And Jupe, on a visit to the coffee shop on campus met Vanessa here and was smitten. Vanessa wasn't actually studying at the college, but was there meeting a friend of hers who was.

The two chatted for a while and promised to text when Vanessa had to go back to Belladonna Cove, quickly becoming fast friends and video chatting each other on Starpe regularly. Eventually it grew to be more then just a friendship and not only did Jupe realise he had feelings for Vanessa, Vanessa realised she had feelings for Jupe.

In the meantime though, there were even more parties to hold nightly on top of the dorm..

Although, some dormies were faster on the uptake then others and didn't continue to dance by themselves at 3am when everybody else was in bed...

They had a very popular bubble blower on the roof too which saw lots of use, including by this llama mascot. Not sure how he can do it with his mask still on..

But life moves on and all good things come to an end. Jupe graduated with honours and is declared the heir of generation 2. So he'll move back into the main house to bring in generation 3, and the others, once they're finished will each get a modest house by the coast to live out the rest of their lives in comfort.

Good luck, Jupe! Make the Redds family proud.

And here ends the chapter! I hope you enjoyed it. Next time we'll see the next generation of the family arrive!! See you soon.


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